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CBN Distillate. We can provide CBN Distillate Broad Spectrum of 90% purity. Contact Us for CBN Distillate Sales Price. Looking forward to working with you.

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Cannabinol (CBN distillate) from Hemp

Cannabinol (CBN distillate) is a highly refined cannabis extract often derived from high CBD hemp flower and hemp biomass.

Cannabinol (CBN Distillate) is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid found only in trace amounts in Cannabis, and is mostly found in aged Cannabis. Pharmacologically relevant quantities are formed as a metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBN acts as a partial agonist at the CB1 receptors, but has a higher affinity to CB2 receptors; however, it has lower affinities relative to THC. Degraded or oxidized cannabis products, such as low-quality baled cannabis and traditionally produced hashish, are high in CBN.

Unlike other cannabinoids, CBN does not stem directly from cannabigerol (CBG) orcannabigerolic acid (CBGA), but rather is the degraded product of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). If cannabis is exposed to air or ultraviolet light (for example, in sunlight) for a prolonged period of time, THCA will convert to cannabinolic acid (CBNA). CBN is then formed by decarboxylation of CBNA.

CBN Distillate General Information

Form: 100% Broad Spectrum Oil

Appearance: Thicker Viscosity amber color

Odor: Natural terpene odor

Flavor: Natural terpene flavor

Consistency: Distillate oil

Solubility: Soluble with oils

Composition: 100% Hemp extract by weight

Plant Parts Used in Oil: Stalk, stem, flower, seed

Application and Use: Industry specific per customer

Products Used In: Various topicals and cosmetics

Country of Origin: United States of America

CBN Distillate Shelf Life 

12 months from manufacture


Allergen Statement 

Does not contain milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, or wheat.

Food and Drug Administration Disclosure​ ​ 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Federally Compliant per guidelines within the 2018 Farm Bill.

CBN Distillate Storage Recommended Temp  Container

<76°F (<25°C) Food grade screw top buckets or aluminum bottle with tamper evident cap

Cannabinoid Content

CBN      97.8%

CBG     0%

CBD      0%

CBC      0%

Cannabidiol Info

Molecular Weight  314.46

Melting Point 156°F (69°C)

Residual Solvents  

Pentane <500 ppm

Acetone <500 ppm

Isopropyl Alcohol  <500 ppm

Hexane <25 ppm

Methanol ND

Heptane ND

Elemental Impurities 

Arsenic <1.5 ppm

Cadmium <0.5 ppm

Lead <1 ppm

Mercury <25 ppm


Purchase with Bidiolax Nutraceuticals

We exist to develop, improve, refine, and expedite the manufacturing of your CBN Distillate health-focused product. We assist with any and every aspect of the process from concept through fulfillment, with the highest quality ingredients and services in a state of the art laboratory. Bidiolax Nutraceuticals can do everything for you.

What are the effects of CBN Distillate?

While CBD can act as a mild appetite suppressant, CBN Isolate tends to stimulate one’s appetite. Both CBN and CBD are known anecdotally to relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation, by potentially altering pain signals that the brain receives.J

What is the difference between CBD and CBN?

CBD is known in the cannabis world as the “healing” non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Therein lies another difference between the two. As CBN (CBN Distillate) is a by-product of THC, it’s mildly psychoactive, especially when sourced from industrial cannabis, since it cannot have more than 0.3 percent THC

Is CBN Distillate psychoactive?

Cannabinol (Distillate Isolate) is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid found only in trace amounts in Cannabis, and is mostly found in aged Cannabis. Pharmacologically relevant quantities are formed as a metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Does CBN help with pain?

Some of the health benefits of CBN  include: Pain relief: Research has shown that cannabinol can help with pain relief as it alters the pain signals that are sent to the brain by the neurons. Antibacterial: CBN has shown promise at fighting MRSA bacteria, an infection particularly resistant to antibiotics.

Which is better for pain? CBD or CBN?

While CBD can act as a mild appetite suppressant, CBN tends to stimulate one’s appetite. Both CBN and CBD are known anecdotally to relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation, by potentially altering pain signals that the brain receives.

Is CBN Distillate good for anxiety?

CBN isolate is currently regarded as a sedative compound that can potentially help people who suffer from conditions such as insomnia and anxiety disorders. Although early results are promising, more scientific research is needed to reach conclusive evidence.

How much CBN Distilalte should I take to sleep?

At the time, cannabis laboratory Steep Hill reported, “The consumption of 2.5mg to 5mg of CBN Isolate has the same level of sedation as a mild pharmaceutical sedative, with a relaxed body sensation similar to 5mg to 10mg of diazepam.”

Which is better for sleeping CBD or CBN?

Industrial hemp plants and high-CBD marijuana strains high levels of CBD. THC will slowly turn into CBN when exposed to heat and light. … CBD tones down some of the effects of THC, such as paranoia or anxiety. CBN Isolate produces a gently sedative high that may be beneficial for people wanting to use cannabis for better sleep

Does CBN Isolate show up on a drug test?

Further investigation revealed that as little as 100 ng/mL of CBN Distillatee triggers a false positive for marijuana use with this test. Thanks to these findings, healthcare institutes that use these two tests will be able to interpret drug test results with greater accuracy

Does CBD convert to CBN?

Like CBD, CBN is what’s known as a cannabinoid. … CBN occurs naturally in the cannabis plant as the plant ages. That’s because over time–and when heated or exposed to oxygen–the cannabinoid THC converts to CBN. CBN Distillate can also be produced from THC that’s extracted from cannabis

How does CBN Isolate affect the body?

Though it appears to be less strong than in CBD and THC, CBN Isolate has also been shown to function as an anticonvulsant. CBN for bone healing and growth. Research indicates cannabinoids including CBN can help to stimulate the production of new bone, by activating stem cells to help make new bone cells

Is CBN Distillate good for sleep?

CBN Distillate can be used effectively as a sleep aid or sedative. This cannabinoid has also been shown to help regulate the immune system and works to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by several conditions, including arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Can I buy CBN Distillate?

Pure CBN Isolate. Pharmaceutical grade CBN isolate up until very recently has been relatively, if not impossible to acquire. However, through technology such as flash chromatography  techniques, you can now buy CBN isolate that is processed from cannabinoid rich strains of hemp grown in the Colorado.


What is CBN good for?

CBN is also a potent sedative that can potentially offer an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical for certain conditions. Some of the health benefits of CBN include: Pain relief: Research has shown that cannabinol can help with pain relief as it alters the pain signals that are sent to the brain by the neurons.

What is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN) is considered a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid known for its powerful sedative properties. When THC is oxidized, the degradation process converts THC to CBN, which may account for the sedative effect aged cannabis often carries. A 2700 year old grave excavated in China revealed preserved cannabis that contained higher amounts of CBN than any other cannabinoid.

CBN is a byproduct of THC and is typically found in small amounts in most cannabis strains, however, many cannabis based options such as topicals, edibles, capsules, tinctures, vape cartridges, sublingual sprays and more may contain higher levels of this cannabinoid. CBN was also the first cannabinoid to be isolated, previously thought to be responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis before the discovery of THC.

How does CBN work?

CBN shares a very similar chemical composition to THC and thought to primarily bind with the CB2 receptor, but may also interact with the CB1 receptor. CBN acts an agonist to the TRPV2 receptor, a naturally producing protein that regulates several biological systems in the human body. This makes CBN potentially effective for combatting pain and inflammation, bone health, controlling convulsant behavior, lowering blood pressure, and treating skin conditions.

Higher levels of CBN in any cannabis product may provide a particularly effective option for battling insomnia and reducing anxiety. CBN may also be most effective for inducing sleep in combination with other cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable patient consultants with any questions you may have.

The Research

A 1976 review suggested CBN had sedative effects, particularly when paired with THC. The pain relieving potential of CBN was studied in June 2002. CBN was shown to potentially delay progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in a September 2004 study. An August 2008 study focused on the antibacterial efficacy of CBN, along with other major cannabinoids, as a possible treatment for MRSA. A study from September 2012 examined the possible appetite inducing effects of CBN.

CBN Distillate Broad Spectrum

We provide CBN Distillate Broad Spectrum to our Clients

What Are the Potential Benefits of CBN Distillate (Cannabinol)?

CBN is known as a cannabinoid that is created when THC ages over time. CBN is non-intoxicating compound that when present in the biomass CBN can have high amounts in older cannabis. While this might be a turn-off for some, others seek out older cannabis just to enjoy the effects of CBN.

Here are a few of the potential benefits of CBN  Distillate that currently being explored in research. Remember, studies regarding CBN are very small and are in the early stages of research and effect with the human body.


Studies on CBN have found that the cannabinoid may be a potent antibacterial agent. In lab settings, CBN was tested on strains of MRSA bacteria that are resistant to traditional antibiotics. Researchers found it to be a potent antibacterial agent against these resistant strains. If this research continues CBN  Distillate could be seen if assisting to fight off bacterial infections that our antibiotics couldn’t heal.


CBN may also be a powerful neuroprotectant. CBN was found to possibly delay the onset condition of ALS in a recent rodent study. There has not been an current human studies  by researchers using CBN  Distillate as a treatment however there is a possibility for CBN Distillate to provide as an agent to assist in the fight against ALS and other possible neurodegenerative conditions.


Although there hasn’t been much research on CBN Distillate and it’s sedating effects (or lack thereof), one human study did look at this question back in the 1970s. While the study was small, none of the respondents reported that CBN made them feel sleepy.

Bulk CBN distillate

We work directly with large scale hemp processors processors to source and distribute hemp-derived CBN distillate and other CBD products in North America and internationally. We sell bulk hemp and CBN distillate extracts in legal markets only

Wholesale CBN distillate

We sell our CBN distillate directly to licensed processing and manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology and food and beverage sectors.

CBN distillate

Distillate is clear golden viscous liquid, though is often solid at room temperature as purity increases – looking like a white wax like solid.

Wholesale US Medical Hemp

In the US, we are one of the largest cannabinoid crude oil producers in the United States. We have have 6 V2 Inline Extraction machines that can produce roughly 6,000 L per machine. When running at full capacity we can produce 36,000 L of cannabinoid crude oil per 

Hemp-derived CBN distillate Offtake / Futures Contracts

We have issued offtake agreements to purchase low THC hemp-derived distillate and other concentrates for local processing and export.

These will be derived from hemp grown under GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) conditions and processed under GMP compliant and certified facilities to allow sale internationally to approved purchasers.

Note, these standards aren’t yet relevant in the current US CBN distillate market.

If you require large quantities of crude oil or are a processor seeking oil for further refinement or manufacturing please contact us.

Our labs have large requirements for quality certified biomass, so if you are an experienced farmer, cooperative, nation or investment group seeking to enter the high CBN distillate hemp production space please contact us to discuss potential orders.

Note we work direct with farmers, processors and manufacturers and their registered agents. All applicants must be qualified for production capability or purchase funds and intent prior to any pricing discussions.

Wholesale CBN distillate

If you require wholesale CBG Crude oil please complete a wholesale product enquiry form and our sales team will contact you.

Info About Bidiolax

Bidiolax provides bother international and USA-grown hemp biomass,CBD isolate, CBD Distillate, CBN Distillate, feminized seeds, tolling and biomass conversion services for businesses needing wholesale and white-label options. Also, CBG Crude Oil for other certain laboratories. If you need CBG Hemp Clones, please contact us!

Bidiolax purchases international hemp and uses hemp grown in the United States to provide at wholesale for businesses needing product. We also provide flower-to-isolate conversion services for businesses needing white-label (private label) isolate or end-user, wholesale CBD isolate, CBG Crude oil to infuse in their CBD product lines.

Bidiolax has access to the majority share of US-grown hemp biomass in the industry and we can prove it, unlike the “other guys.” Our relationships with the hemp farmers in the U.S. are unmatched and our B2B services yield the highest quality product on the market. We’ll provide you with our COA and send you a sample to test independently before you buy bulk.

Our flower-to-isolate solution includes: Extraction | Winterization | Decarboxylation | Distillation | Isolation

A cut above. All natural. Zero-trace of THC. A flower-to-isolate solution for all.

Our wholesale opportunities include a wide range of products like CBG crude oil, CBN distillate, and CBG isolate. We will soon be launching ready-to-sell options for isolate-infused products in addition to our hemp biomass and CBG isolate.


What is your potency goal for CBN distillate?

We aim to achieve 95.0% potency for our CBN distillate, extracted with GMP and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Extraction results that do not meet our requirements are not available for our clients or our retail brands.

Are you a CBG Crude Distillate broker?

No. We do not use middle-men or brokers to manufacture our end-user needs and we use our own CBG biomass to supply our V2 Inline ethanol extration machines to create CBG Crude Oil. Then we manufacture the crude oil into CBG Distilalte

What types of retail products will you offer?

We will offer 4 lines of products including CBD oil (tinctures) for humans and pets, health and beauty products, pet treats, edibles (gummies), and CBD Distillate for vapes.

Cannabinoid Type

CBN – Cannabinol

Purity %

90-95%, 95-99.9%

Ingredient Type



Broad Spectrum


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