About Bidiolax

Bidiolax provides bulk Winterized Decarbed Crude Oil as a Full Extract Oil, this is truly a full spectrum hemp oil. This crude oil was extracted with V2 In-line Ethanol Extraction machine. The CBD is extracted through denatured ethyl alcohol extraction. Our Industrial Hemp CBD is sourced throughout the United States Growers who have registered locations with their state Department of Agriculture. The crude oil is is a dark green black in color and has a range of 60-75% CBD content. 70-82% Total Cannabinoids. We provide crude oil for CBD, CBG, and CBC minors.

Through our strategic alliances with providing crude oil to distilleries all over the United States. Bidiolax is able to provide the highest purities in end cannabinoid ingredients. We are able to supply any order that a food/gummy, skincare, or vape manufacturer may need. We can help you with CBD Crude Oil, CBG Crude Oil, Minor CBC Crude Oil, CBD Distillate (full spectrum),  CBD Distillate (broad spectrum), CBG Distillate (broad spectrum), CBG Distillate (full spectrum), CBN Distillate (broad spectrum). We are still working on CBL Distillate and CBC Distillate.

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